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Sunshine and Happiness

God says: 'Good morning!' to everyone.

Love is no revolution. It is eternal.
Like the love of our children, it is so usual as to be of no interest.

My dear husband, John, is getting on a bit, and I'll just have to be practical.
He's 42 now, and I might have to turn him in for two 21 year olds?

(Overheard in a street conversation) I'll have to take time out to explore my wardrobe.

I have two children, one 29 and one 23.
So one of your children is 92?
No, 29.
And you have any dogs?
I have four dogs, three cats and two horses.
And you gave birth to all of them?

Definition: A Stray man is somewhere between straight (0%) and gay (100%).

YouTube Ilkley Moor bar t'at (On Ilkley Moor without a hat),

Lyrics Ilkley Moor bar t'at

YouTube Gaudeamus igitur (So Let Us Rejoice)

YouTube Psychological profiles for meeting people

YouTube Beautiful sunsets

Instagram Being free

Song Offerings by Rabindranath Tagore


Mein Anderer

King Kong Sniffling Scene with Fay Wray (cut)

Cuba I love you but only after the United Kingdom (I think).

Why did the mechanic sleep overnight under the car? Because he wanted to get up oily in the morning!

I am a member of the Adams family and my name is Uncle Fester.
My brother, Lurch is around and about,
but unfortunately Morticia has gone to the beautician for some cement and a trowel.
However, my sister Elaine, who is definitely not Morticia,
has contributed for us and is famous for her website 'Tips from a mortician'.
She recently confided in me that she had lost some business, and was rather happy that it had happened.

When a social system goes wrong, assuming we can locate that at all, the objective should not be to provide scapegoats to punish tokens who got it wrong, but to heal
the social structure so it can learn how to reach nearer the truth and provide a better service because it is more knowledgable about the facts. Hence the next joke remains,
but not as the implicit retribution it seems.

Senior Health officials in NHS Blackburn
have been assured that the best attitude is a positive one to the NHS, and to remain
smiling, calmly and firmly confident, attentitive and relaxed
as tonnes of shit descend on their heads
and they are totally submerged in it.

There is the view that people who relax should be shot. This is clearly wrong,
but if we want to live a full life it is good to maximise our aims without destroying ourselves in the process.

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Jokes say something is going wrong. We get pleasure from politicians who do wrong, when someone points it out with a joke, so we are less likely to murder him. These UK
jokes came a brief talk between Tricia Ellinson and Jim Adams. They are social comment because Tricia is normal and Jim does not know how to be normal. His social status
is that he uses innovation to change manufactured objects. He is so good at that he uses hyperinnovation almost without thinking. He was never taught how to do it normally
within his class, so he talks rubbish instead. At least he is trying.

Right, I'm off to the beautician to get some cement and a trowel.

Are you staying for Bed and Breakfast?
No, I don't eat it.

Are you married?
No, I have 99 concubines. Would you like to make it up to a round figure?

I'm going to Australia. Will you be there to wait for me when I get back?
No, I probably can't restrain myself. I will fly out to Australia to meet you.

Beer to your right. Beer to your left.
Here's another with my brother.

Would you like a bath?
For lime cordial.

Rather than make a joke of it at all, let's see what it means. It is clearly useful if a way can be made to make it normal. Jim has great skill in developing abnormal ideas. Surely
this can be of use to the normal system. The plan has to be a cooperative one. He is offering his abnormality to the normal system. It is clear to the normal system that this is of
use because Jim is so highly abnormal that his abnormality is utterly strange to the conventional system. It may be said that Jim posseses a complete mastery of abnormality which
he uses with flexibility and poise. It even comes as natual to him as expressions of normality do to the normal system. This is clearly a gift to the normal system, the question is
how to use it. We would say tht Jim's intention in the normal system which he is now situated that he is attempting to transfer to normalicy from a hyperinnovative environment.
In fact the social system in which Jim belongs to has been murdering him for a long time. His intention has been always ethical, and he thought this innovation could be of use, in
the case he studied, mathematics and physics. This was quite rational and not abnormal at all. He wanted to use innovation to develop technology, and saw that advanced technology
could be used for the benefit of society, in fact in engineering. This is not only correct, possibly as an intention, but also an acute observation, particularly from when he started, which we can identify as a huge programme of discovery from the age of 15. This is not only hugely ambitious, it has turned out to be of phenomenal significance. Through a series of persucutions of his beliefs and values he has maintained them through 69 years of his life. Not only is he bizzare in his attitudes, he has studied in a sense bizarreness itself. He has ascended from a belief, which is strange in social classes below, that the study of abstract structures in mathematics is of true value. He ideantified this with Newton at the age of 15, confirmed this with Gell Mann at an age when he shouldn't and continued with this belief in value of the study of abstract structures so that his knowledge of these abstractons go beyond not only human knowledge on Earth, but seemingly in the Riddle theorem above, beyond conceptions of what can be studied at all. He has a mathematical knowledge of absurdity, a unique and valid theory of games involving social structures which amazing practicality, that he has proved theoretically are sound, and is intent on studying them. These theoretical structures he has found have amazing simplicity, and he has situated himself within them as an ethical planner. He has begun a classification of these games and locates them in current social structures. He is amazed by their applicability. He was totally surprised that these applied to his making breakfast, and gave new solutions and ways of doing this which were sensible, and the theory directing him told to obey the 'order' of a toaster to him that it had disobeyed his command and the optimal path ethical was to obey the toaster and do it by other means. Further, the idea of love extended to coffee in a cup showed that the coffe should not be thrown away when left accidentally cold, but reheated to an approprate temperture, and selected a temperature which he thought would maximise the outcome of it being right by selecting on the microwave half of the setting he thought appropriate. This turned out to be ideal, so if he had selected double, it would have had to wait to cool.

Having understood coffee cups, theoretically because he has developed a theory of the universe from mathematcal structures which are thought either not necessary to investigate are are wrong, for which he found structures existed which are right, and the physical part corresponds to two parts, a physics identifiable with general extensions in physics calculated with enormous but unrecognised precision by the German scientist Burkhard Heim, who he was told was developing the Nazi detontorfor its nuclear device, but this was too successful and exploded (the main scientist was Ettore Majorana, who had discovered the neutron a year before Chadwick and did antigravity research with apparatus for his PhD. Although the continuation for the material was exported to the US by U-boat and used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Majorana and Hitler remained in Agentina, where he had installed Peron, who was a Peronist, and his Communist wife Eva (incidentally after Eva was poisoned, Peron had a secret meeting with Che Guevara in Franco's Spain telling him to lay off and he was dealing with forces he did not understand). The Nazi system was submerged as it is today, Borman directed this and the relocaton after Kursk, where Hitler interestingly was defeated by a Soviet Peronist technique, the Shoah so Jews involved in the programme could not be detected, and the Soviet advance proceeded as planned, and also its seems a planned delay. This estimate was correct. In Argentina Barbie was making, I think, twice weekly flights to the CIA Headquarters from Argentina, the Nazi system was entirely submerged independent of ostensible democracy, von Braun continued with rocket reseach (note Kennedy's father was a Nazi and Hitler watched the moon landings on TV). I believe Eva Braun divorced him and they had three children. I wish to state directly that in this revelation I wish to do no harm to any Nazi whatsoever. My political viewpoint might indicate the contrary. It is entirely within my thought that Hitler is viewed with compassion. It is a statement of truth that Hitler was beaten incessantly from a very young age for being wrong. I entirely think that Jesus Christ seen from this viewpoint would have done the same thing or worse. The condition of evil is that we do not see it in ourselves. On what condition of great evil do you explain the anomaly he was a vegetarian? Where is the evil in that? Do you eat meat? The greatest condition of ethical reasoning is that they see the vileness attributed to others and directly see this in ourselves. On what state of evil do you locate a deranged dictator launching a programme to the moon? By what principle of derangemant do you locate either a desire for money to do it, or a vacuum of human sprit to accomplish it? By what absence of vision do you think its conception was available? Indeed, I locate Hitler with many others, including Tony Bliar a Nazi member of the Labour Party who was involved in the murder of one and a half million people in Iraq, and elsewhere? Have you located with your great sensibility where he is? Is the achievement of Tony Blair greater or less than Hitler? I would say Blair was only interested in murder, but Hitler was interested in considerably more. (We could say Blair was interested in Hitler's speaches). Who do you worship? Julius Ceasar and his genocides in the propaganda piece The Gallic Wars, taught in English schools? Are they the correct model for running the British Empire? Surely a great man. Even the Tsars adopted his name. I am no apologist for the relativity of genocide. It is utterly and absolutely forbidden. I think the imaginary dialogue needs to be halted for further consideration. Who is Hitler? Who am I? Who has done the greatest yet, and who will do the greatest for the future? The problem for the great is exactly the same as for the small. I would rather people acknowledge the greatnes of Hitler as the greatness within themselves. Who built the Great Wall? What did he do?

We are confronted with the fact that great acts of daring in History are accompanied with acts of evil of unimaginable extent. Are we to pull down the Great Wall of China? Answer me now! Do you think it was acomplished by some idiot behind a large desk? The best project of project greatness is to be small. An asset within this smallness is the accomplishment of you. Do you see nothingness in this? Nothing of worth? Do you deny Hitler a civil service pension? By which system of worthiness do you locate your values beyond Hitler? Clearly you know how to fill in a form. Hitler, subversively, knows how to get to the Moon. I, a true Communist, in the sense that I believe the love most needed is to the love to those that need it most, locate my affections entirely with Hitler and his great achievements. I do not see any possibiity of a Colony of Mars by the filling in of appropiateness of appropriate forms. I see entirely the vision of Hitler as myself greatly deformed and greatly despised by the deformity and violence of his beatings. I see these as the same as mine, which I see in my heart as the degradation of a spirt of money with no other value, not even love.

In spiritual tragedy of my grater aim, I see tramps reject me for money I give them to help my need of carrying heavy bags, greatest tragedy for me, seeing Jehovas Witnesses abondon my conversations for the correct timetable. The greatest I found, except for one, is a tramp with whom I exchnged laughter for no money at all. By what process do we locate Jesus being angry outside the temple by moneychangers outside it? The idea is subversively, but the intention of subversion is a higher establisment than what went before, subvert ideas of money to accomplish great acts with love. Despite my delusion I see great hope. This delsion of unethicality again was located within myself. This is November 11. I see around me in immersion of an alleged poetic act, that around me is silence. Looking up I see people in silence across the street. There is a military parade, which I had denied for reasons of pacifism. I do not realise it is a military parade upholding the value of the Dead, and speaks against all War as a criminality of Humankind, asserting the values, that I have so long denied, of the country of my Birth. I acknowldegement of those who lead, I follow this march behind, at its trailing edge.

I have the idea of setting up British Social television, perhaps with some programmes like these:

Lesbians are here.
Poverty today.
Making Community Work.
Permaculture Today.
Religious Conversations.
Low Technology.
Making Energy Work.
Our Environment.
Climate - What is to be done?
Our Family
Not too Young to Think.
Fitness and Sport.
Beautiful Sunsets.
The Hip-Hop Programme.

Lil Dicky and the truth about comedy rap - it's tricky! Comedy rapper Lil Dicky has reached No 1, adding to successes such as Big Shaq and the Lonely Island. But as Honey G's example shows, doing funny rhymes right takes sophistication Freak hit - the US rapper David Burd, AKA Lil Dicky. Photograph: Rebecca Cabage/Invision/AP "He's not like a 'rapper' rapper," the guy in the restaurant explains to his unimpressed girlfriend. "He's like a 'funny' rapper." Those two statements - true and open to debate respectively - are from the opening scene of the video to Lil Dicky's Freaky Friday, which is this week's UK No 1 single, and which on Monday crossed 100m YouTube views, and will soon join its thriftiness-espousing predecessor $ave Dat Money in passing the same number of Spotify plays. Freaky Friday tells the story of Lil Dicky mystically swapping bodies with black guest vocalist Chris Brown, and is an extreme extrapolation of a line in Lil Dicky's 2013 song White Dude, in which he lamented not being able to use the N-word. The upshot is that in 2018 Lil Dicky, now voiced by Chris Brown in the song's body-swap concept, is finally "allowed" to say the N-word 11 times. Watch the video for Lil Dicky: Freaky Friday It's all very amusing, if you sidestep the fact that Chris Brown is a woman-beater with whose plight both the video and song suggest the audience must sympathise, and if you sidestep the video's racial stereotyping, and if you sidestep the ramifications of the N-word bonanza (such as the all-white women's lacrosse team who caused a minor storm last month when they uploaded video of themselves singing along). That’s enough sidestepping to take you off the pavement and into the path of an out-of-control excuse juggernaut, but then you still face other tracks in Lil Dicky's catalogue such as White Dude and White Crime, which tackle white privilege and male privilege. One assessment of Lil Dicky's travails was offered in the headline to a 2015 car-crash interview: Lil Dicky Isn't a White Supremacist, He's Just an Asshole. Sign up for the Sleeve Notes email: music news, bold reviews and unexpected extras Either way, Freaky Friday is the biggest hit yet from 30-year-old David Burd, who grew up in an upper middle class Jewish family in Philadelphia and worked - of course! - as an advertising creative before recording his first mixtape in 2011. By 2013, he had a viral video on his hands with Ex Boyfriend, and he followed it with a barrage of audio and video content. He has since been embraced by a number of big names: his debut album, 2015's Professional Rapper, saw collaborations with Snoop Dogg, T-Pain and Fetty Wap. Freaky Friday is the latest in a long line of comedy rap hits, which more recently include Macklemore's Thrift Shop and the assorted works of the Lonely Island, and date back to the 1980s with acts such as Weird Al Yankovic. Lil Dicky's success once again raises the question of why rap and hip-hop are so apparently hilarious: is it simply that there are multiple, strong visual and sonic reference points that make parody easy, making comedy rap no different from the way metal has given the world Spinal Tap, Bad News, the Darkness and Muse? Or do the roots of hip-hop, and grime in the UK, mean that if you're parodying them, you're making a joke out of far more than just music? Watch the video for Lil Dicky: Ex-Boyfriend Over at BBC Radio 1Xtra, where Freaky Friday has been playlisted, presenter Yasmin Evans remembers first seeing the video on YouTube after seeing it shared on social media. The next time she went into work a listener had requested the track, which, divorced from its scene-setting video and without knowledge of its performers, can be baffling. "When I play it on air, I know people are listening going, 'I don't get it. I don't understand,'" Evans accepts, "but we wouldn't be doing ourselves justice as broadcasters if we didn't cover the things being spoken about, or that are viral or trending. Chris Brown's a good singer! It's all entertainment." She says that she has also hosted appearances with the Kurupt FM crew, from the BBC's pirate radio mockumentary People Just Do Nothing, "and people think they're genuinely real people. I mean, I guess people think that with [Leigh Francis's fictional character] Keith Lemon as well."

What Kurupt FM - and Michael Dapaah, whose Big Shaq character and Man's Not Hot track blew up after a 1Xtra Fire in the Booth session - have in common is that neither base their humour on outsiders looking in. It's hard to question their authenticity, and it's a similar authenticity that Lil Dicky has been shrewd in acquiring by drafting in collaborators such as Brown and Snoop Dogg. Man's hot - Big Shaq, AKA Michael Dapaah. Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian

It is sometimes asked what disease I suffer from. As of this evening I have discovered what it is. It has been there all my life, and God willing will be there at the instant I die. It is no
sorrow but the greatest happiness. It is pure Love itself. It explains all past derangements and perhaps all future ones too.

I suffer from Declamation of the Mind disesase - madness upon extermination of the soul. Some do not know of what this condition, perhaps of Dementia, it is. When stopped from
declaiming the condition of my soul, say because of a mere pen in abject admission that under lost pen conditions I am not allowed one until a new one can be obtained by involved
bureaucratic procedures, I collapse in grief prostrate and flat on the floor, proclaiming with great weeping and violent force the need to record my anguish and my thinking with pen on
paper. None understand this, and I am presented with medications to cool me down from my condition of utter distress at having the thought but no means of recording it, this thought
may therefore die. I had declared to a nurse that if there were two alternatives, that I become immersed in nothing of consequence with my body whole and intact, or otherwise my arms
be chopped off and my legs too, but my mind should be still with me, there would be no option but from the latter rather than the former. People do not understand the force and absolute
determination or in what rage of magnitude I state it. It is obvious to me this requires no further consideration whatsoever. I keep my mind. There is nothing else to say.

I think my main problem has been the non-acceptance of my death. There has always been a resitance against this. It has been given as a will to give a gift to Hunanity of Eternal Value.
I feel this Gift Has and Will be Denied. The only Act I have then left is to see the Extermination of my thinking amongst all thought whilst still proclaiming as best I can its Truth, and then
my own death in submssion to the Will of What is to Be. I do not know if this will happen, but if I am prepared to accept my death in these conditions as a gift of Death to Live in Eternal
Truth, then this gift may be shared by others for the benefit of Humanity, without my name even being recognised. Then I shall be at Peace. When I have recognised that I have no will, but
the Will of Allah determines mine, then will I accept with Joy the extermination of all my thinking and myself with Joy. If I accept this in Peace of myself, I an at last a whole and complete
expression of the Universal Self which is the Accomplishment of God. Allah Akbar - God is Great. Basically, but it is a bit too rigid, I do not assert my claim to the control of anything, but
I can always declaim what I think is right.

I am in a hospital with a corridor of old men. It is pehaps near 'Christmas'. I think it is of no consequence. I hear an old man sing out of tune and in great voice a tune I cannot distinguish.
His condition speaks to me as of myself. He knows, however late it be, eventually there will be his death. He speaks in deranged singing the wish of his Heart. I instantly declare his need
as one of no absolution but of the greatest strength and magnitude. I salute you, strange warrior, in the assumption of your death. None could be so eloquent, even in its late arrival. Let us
hear no more of me but the Greater You you find in yourself. Let us Listen, it demands it.