Unfit to rule

When did Brenda know?

Duke of Windsor

Negotiations with Hitler. Bush and the main Nazi bank in the US. Hitler's payment of 25 million dollars to the Duke. Why Churchill was tempted to have him assasinated. Capture in Lisbon and the British flying boat to Bermuda and the Bahamas. Confinment and surveillance. The flight of Hess to meet co-conspirators at a Scottish airport and depose Churchill. Why Churchill was overruled to have the Duke tried and executed for treason. Why Attlee was never informed and would have got rid of the monarchy.

Brenda Windsor

The richest person in the world. Military investments. Money laundering. Nil taxation. Social Security payments. The cost of toilets in Balmoral. Political interference.

Philip Windsor

Racial bigotry. Paedophilia. Assasination of his daughter-in-law.


Psychiatric profile. Talking to plants. Books. Political interference.