Unfit to rule, the facts. In my mind I have thought of ways of looking at them positively. It works.

by Jim Adams and Artemis Varidot

Below I collect highly negative and justified opinion about the monarchy. The aim of finding out what is wrong is to put it right, not punish the wicked.

William the Conqueror

The source of the vertical power structure in the UK, and its replication. The power and wealth of William the Conqueror over the subjugated population documented in its contempory
accounts was so total and massive that we know of no standard academic historian of the present day who accepts them. There is no reason why these accounts are not correct.

Duke of Windsor

Negotiations with Hitler. Bush and the main Nazi bank in the US. Hitler's payment of 25 million dollars to the Duke. Why Churchill was tempted to have him assasinated. Capture in
Lisbon and the British flying boat to Bermuda and the Bahamas. Confinment and surveillance. The flight of Hess to meet co-conspirators at a Scottish airport and depose Churchill.

Brenda Windsor

Plausibly, a low paid waiter finds Brenda's mobile number and phones it.
Hello Brenda. How about two lads giving you a good time at a cost to you of a billion apiece?
The Queen does not communicate with riff-raff.
10 billion.
OK, 100 billion.
Your place or mine?

The predicted expulsion of the Royal hypercapitalist imperialists from Scotland in the forthcoming Referendum allows an excellent opportunity for their detention. Not only do they
need psychiatric examination, expulsion should be delayed until the exact location and amounts of their assets are determined, and appropriate steps have been undertaken for their
complete and irreversible transfer. For instance in their land assets can be directly transferred to their current occupants. Other assets of monetary value should be directly distributed
internationally to the poor, with the most needy the highest priority. The enormous military infrastructure they own needs reallocation into a vast and unsustainable debt needing instant
and irrecoverable reparation. This reparation should be done by a team of experts so that these military systems and their interconnections are dispersed, fragmented and utterly destroyed
in a way that is totally irrecoverable. Brenda is the richest person in the world, holding 17,600,000,000,000,000 pounds in land holdings alone. It would be interesting to investigate:
Military investments, Money laundering, Nil taxation, Social Security payments, The cost of toilets in Balmoral and Political interference.

This is a vast evil. Realising that if we were in their position we would behave in a way that is exactly the same, we have a duty to ourselves to treat everyone else exactly as if they were
us. I do not think it is beyond the wit of man for Brenda and her family to be divested of her vast resources and at the same time be provided with a mode of living and a system of support
which she would enjoy. These things are not always huge things like the possession of one sixth of the world's land surface, they can be things which in a sense are quite small. I do not
think even though if these gobsmacking things that are considered against her could happen, it would not be possible to provide for her a future life which would be comfortable and she
could enjoy, even, if we were determined enough, more than she enjoys at present.

Philip Windsor

The Nazi zombie Philip Windsor is most noted for three attributes: racial bigotry, paedophilia and assasination of his daughter-in-law. We are very sorry he is half-dead and hope he soon
gets half-better and even three-quarters.


The rather nice Harry Hewitt is not a Royal and does not suffer psychiatric disorders. We cover the psychiatric profile of Charles: Talking to plants and Books.