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There is nothing to complain about, except myself.
To help me out of myself, I need much love.

The secret of running a total bureaucracy is not to cut red tape but to keep all necessary red tape and cut all unnecessary red tape. Then it can and will work superbly.
Lacking this realisation might have broken my commitment to the nonviolent Communist idea. To the contrary I proclaim its validity and its Great Truth.

The worst regime in the 1930's was Nazi Germany. In 2019 it is the BIS. Get out of the planetary way
whilst the Putinite TOTAL LUNATICS in control destroy it oblivious to what is around them!

The planet is in transition to Climate Catastrophe and Ecocide.
An unsustainable population faces unattainable agricultural production.

Characterised by ineptitude and corruption on a gigantic scale,
the dominant political system is held together by media circuses
and the use of technologies of total surveillance. However, the
greatest threat to corrupt social systems is the truth.

The basic and fundamental problem is not that everyone is getting it wrong, but that everyone does not understand and cannot communicate that they are trying to get it right.

I am distressed by my behaviour which I am continuing with.

A lot of politicians say the objective of politics is to disagree with one another. I disagree with that.

This website has been reduced. More advanced material will be contained in the companion website www.theloveoftruth.ie, but is not yet set up.

The Nazi government of Tony Blair which killed one and a half million people in Iraq was legally elected.

Since the fraudulent election for the Scottish referendum, the UK is defunct as a political system.
We refer to its successor regime as the BIS - the British Imperialist Subentity.

It is unremarked that when the fascist entities of Franco's Spain and Mussolini's Italy
were Fascist regimes in that era, this was known by the populace they controlled.
The BIS regime has a democratic facade projected in its propaganda machine the BBC
that asserts the existence of a democracy. This too is unremarkable. That the poplace of the
BIS is unaware of and frequently runs away if this declamation is made is totally eerie.

The Scots are not independent. A detailed well-sourced comprehensive account says the first referendum was a fraud.
It is right that the Scottish legal and political system should acknowledge the truth and a new referendum be held.

The citizens of the BIS accept Brexit negotiations when a detailed well-sourced comprehensive account says it was
a massive fraud. It is not right that the regime should negotiate on the basis of an invalidly obtained decision.

The citizens of the BIS accept its regime. A detailed well-sourced comprehensive account says it fixes elections.
It is right that the BIS regime should be elected fairly, and the legal system should reject fraudulent elections.

This clearly could always have happened since the system has been moving that way for along time. The eerie thing is nobody wants to know.
The bad thing is not that we have a fascist regime, but nobody is interested. I can no longer live in a country where a pint of beer denies interest in the
death of its democratic system. If something is wrong, with love it can be put right. If there is no love, maybe there never was, I am lost what to do.

Artemis Varidot intends to develop three documents

An investigation based on ethical principles into a document for public discussion to transfer
the BIS regime to a transparent democracy free of fraud and unethical manipulation.

Subsidiary document. By what principles can an ethical capitalism be introduced?

Subsidiary document. How can ethical democracy physically and ethically defend itself?

We work separately and together with the surrounding social structure. We are presently available and visible to any social structure
wishing to inspect this website. Although we may indicate our intentions and beliefs we cannot usually predict our future behaviour.

    Trouble At 'Mill - Poem by David Threadgold

    Children in their early years
    Out working in the mill
    A dirty face in raggy clothes
    That won't keep out the chill

    Ran beneath the working looms
    In danger every day
    Slept upon the piles of rags
    Had always been this way

    The factory owners didn't care
    When another child got sick
    They sent them from the work place
    And got another quick

    They were offered no protection
    Many injured many died
    The owners kept no records
    When asked they simply lied

    Till at last some folk took action
    Child labour wasn't right
    Fought the mill and factory owners
    And at last they won their fight

    2008 David Threadgold
    Rambling Riddles & Rhymes

'Before the waiter arrives may I enquire of you what is your opinion Boris Johnston?'
'I'd prefer the halibut with fresh tomato sauce and succulent Monsanto contaminants'.
'A better response is to give Boris a to-and-fro mild slapping action with a wet plaice,
whilst reminding him that Roman Emperors ate fresh fish!'.

On Brexit, the question should never have been separation or togetherness, but how to implement separation and togetherness.

    Obvious Truths and Permissible Facts
    Hard Brexit
    Brexit Referendum Fraud and Criminality
    When did Democracy Die? How is Resurrection Possible?

Be careful for what you wish, you might get it.
When clowns rule the world, it is no laughing matter.
The UK regime is fascist because it fixes elections. Democracy is dead.
Fascism is back, and we have forgotten what it meant.

I have left the country of my birth because Brexit is
mismanaged by ignorant, deluded and uncaring people.

The UK is the world's second largest arms exporter and commits war
crimes by Ministry of Defence advisors bombing Yemen for the Saudi's.

I am horrified and distressed by the regime's racism towards migrants, the
burning of 48,000 residency documents, the 8,000 Windrush deportations and
the 11,000 planned by the Home Secretary, the then Nazi Amber Rudd.
Half my friends are classified as migrants.

Secret Death Camps have been set up in the Isle of Man for the Post-Brexit regime.
Most of the members of the Labour Party will be confined to them.

I do not know why I have been so long before speaking out.

I support the homeless, yes, I need to say - the dying, the
disabled and the politically and religiously persecuted
and support nonviolent means, including civil disobedience,
to create a just society holding to principles of human rights.
I seek that the priviledged fulfill their obligations to the underpriviledged.
A monarchy is not an appropriate instrument in a democratic society,
the Royals should not indulge in money laundering, paedophilia and murder
and I believe the British political system is over-centralised.

Table of Contents

  1. Contacts
  2. Apollo-Gaia Project
  3. Azimuth Project
  4. Ecology, Food and Permaculture
  5. Energy in Planned Climate Catastrophe Aversion
  6. Engineering
  7. Global Embezzlements and Negotiations for better Use
  8. Gnostics - The first amongst many Christians and today's Heritage
  9. Lesser Mathematics in Stages to Greater Mathematics
  10. Marx and Sexual Liberation
  11. Our Galaxy the Milky Way
  12. Physics
  13. Plays, Novels and Film
  14. Postevolutionary Systems are Evolving
  15. Raoof Mirzaei on Science
  16. Rebellion Jazz and Poetry
  17. Rebel University
  18. Recycling and Waste
  19. Sunshine and Happiness
  20. Transition from the Fourth Reich to a New History
  21. Vedic Civilisations
  22. Why the Sane in Mind Control Society are Abused
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Politics and Human Rights

Broadly, the political spectrum is represented by three people, Adolf Hitler on the right, unfortunately Stalin representing the centre
and Artemis Varidot, on the left.

Since Jim Adams reread some of Marx, he feels he needs to get back to his paddling pool.

For the last Labour administation, a long time ago,
Tony Blair was its Adolf Hitler
and Gordon Brown was Eva.

Later there was a dispute between Michael Ashcroft, the owner of Belize,
and David Cameron, over who owned the Conservative Party.
Ashcroft pointed out that Cameron loved pigs, who probably elected him.
Nowadays, Ashcroft has interests in Russia, but is surprised they own him.

Today Corbyn is a Konstantin Chernenko of British politics.
Boris Johnston is its Mussolini, but possibly more dim-witted.

There are a number of Superheroes like Wonder Woman.
The Raving Daily Mail says Theresa May has special status.
Perhaps we might leave it to the public to decide on that.

Irish Reunification and Ulster. Some previous preliminary proposals, now enhanced.

Photos from history.

Please read Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed's book: A User's Guide to the Crisis of Civilization and how to save it, Pluto Press, 2010.

This section was originally put in to give access to a group of Politics students at Brighton University. It contains recent material commemorating Holocaust Memorial
Day and some of my early writings on politics and political philosophy to various people in the Labour Party.

1. My objectives The objectives I have set for my life.

2. My beliefs Sometimes I find myself in a public role. This details my thinking on what motivates me and the nature of the world, so people can see what I think.

3. Thoughtlets A self-confidence boost, which I think might be helpful to some people.

    The BBC Director General really needs money.
    You do not fuck a Dalek!
    I have never tried, but I am sure it is quite possible.
4. The BBC Reflections on the nature of BBC propaganda.

5. The Communist Manifesto The claim that The Communist Manifesto is propaganda is arrant nonsense.

You do not become head of the KGB by being particularly nice. One of the ways of doing it is to be extremely clever. It is a
matter of speculation as to what extent Vadim Putin has taken control of the world fascist system. Its application in Russia
is more congenial than anywhere else. He has selected for office the President of the US. It seems he is responsible for the
outcome of the Brexit Referendum in the UK and various politicians are paid by him to follow his preferences in the UK
Parliament. A large contingent of the German Bundestag and the French Assembly are there under his auspices. Interference
in elections of other countries, long thought a perogative of Western powers, is now applied to them. This is political chess of
the highest order. Theresa May does not know what a pawn is.

The Russian fascist elite

Arron Banks I. Fake news inquiry.

Arron Banks II. Missing 11 million for Brexit.

Russian political donations to the Conservative Party and its members are illegal.

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6. Genocide and the Holocaust Power Point presentation giving the numbers of those killed in genocides of the twentieth century.

7. Holocaust Memorial Day A poster written to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.

8. The next two items were written when I resigned over the attack on Fallujah in Iraq, the third being on the same subject to Party Chairman Ian McCartney.
War Party 1, War Party 2, Letter to Ian McCartney

9. Second letter to Ian McCartney. This was the letter to Ian McCartney, on rejoining.

10. Letter to David Lepper. Correspondence with David Lepper MP on Palestine.

11. Correspondence with Simone La Corbiniere. Correspondence with Simone La Corbiniere, of Our World Our Say.

12. These two items were part of correspondence with David Lepper on ID cards.
ID Cards 1, ID Cards 2

13. These two items were part of correspondence with Bob Glaberson, a Labour Party member, on the Middle East and the 'War on Terror'.
Terror 1, Terror 2

14. The Enlightenment Correspondence with Madeleine Bunting, Guardian journalist, on the Enlightenment.

15. Submission to SIAC on 'U', an Asylum Seeker SIAC is a special court set up to detain Asylum Seekers in the British Gulag. Its procedures are Kafkaesque.

16. Analysis of the May 2007 Local Election in Brighton and Hove Kevin Allen asked me to write a statistical analysis of the May 2007 local elections in Brighton
and Hove, in which I was an election agent for the Labour Party.

Return to Table of Contents.

Hole in Being Studies are a huge and real source for the study of Love offering Galactic attention.
Awareness of Love in Beings with nonexistent consciousness was implied by Reich in discussions with Einstein.

As is well noted, this is a greater discovery that the elementary fact that a toaster has to be obeyed and it is a simple idea from this game that the love of coffee at breakfast is a valid idea
which we can use with benefit to warm our hearts and provide everywhere simply a solution of recycling by having more coffee to spread around and less electricity to consume for the
planet in Climate Catastrophe. It is the realisation by abstract methods that there may exist on Rigel and elsewhere, Beings whose logic deduces they have no soul and the realisation they
have Love. This circumstance certainly exists elsewhere, and it is a duty of all of us who know this proclaim it with joy in our prayers. Those who have discovered the murder of their soul
have been informed this is the greatest proclamation of their Love.

Reich was a close relative of Sigmund Freud and a discoveror of the sex orgone synthesizer. He had experiments that said what might be thought of as the ether could be directly observed.
Einstein, who had nowhere rejected the ether, but thought it could not directly be observed, until his idea that gravitational waves could not be observed was rejected, and he came to accept
that his theory implied they existed after all, had conversations with him in Princeton. He directed his student Infield to look into the matter. Reich died in a New York prison. He was
thought wildly strange, but the reason for his imprisonment is unknown.

Ethical Game Theory is physically implemented from Ethics to Love in Love Games and is part of a General Theory - The Quantum Theory of Love.

Faced with the important idea that I have made the toast and have no butter, I have enough time to sit down and write an important announcement whist I nibble at my cheese and sip my
coffee. I have again made a mistake in understanding Love Mechanics. The easiest way to correct a mistake is to cover it up, and I have done so. Coffee awaits. Anyway, mistakes are the
best way to evolve, so this is good anyway. I don't want to go into further details. It was a mistake.

There is a subsidiary matter which I thought was more important, and I discuss here. It is the same thing. There is the idea, it is coherent and most of it is avaliable here that we are in mind
control and the objective is to murder the planet. Taken away this, what is the problem if it were ever to occur of the entities who intend to do it? I take this from the point of view of these
entities, whoever they are, because my Love mechanics says I deal with them first because it is the most important thing to them, rather than me and you other Earthlings who might want to
listen. My understanding, even if (unlikely it is incorrect) that there is something deeply wrong here. Something has been hurt and we do not know what it is. I had thought for Adolf Hitler
that my love problem could be never solved. I tell you everyone that it listening, that it shoud be. We know, some do, that Hitler had a friend Speer. Speer listened. As background it is
totally unnatural that you go round murdering people as Hitler did with the limited means at the time. Hitler did this with great reason, cunning and perseverence. Thre is something deep
here that for a long time I knew but nobody seems to care. Hitler was beaten severely from a very young age for being bad. When people are born bad, I think I was born good. We are
equal in that we had no control of it. Don't judge us on this. We have no control. Nobody goes round with maximum murder like Hitler did without being so deeply hurt it is inexpressible.
It is the objective of all Love Mechanics as the first and only exercise to love Hitler, to understand completely why he did it, and I would say to think through getting him out. Once we get
through that stage I think we can find the principle basis I believe of what Love Mechanics is. Your objective is not just to Love the Good. They are in Heaven already. Your objective is to
take Satan out of Hell. Without that you fail your examinations. As phD you study how to get him back in a job. As a long-range view we need to give him back his former one. He tried.
We must acknowledge that. When people fail and things go wrong, the objective is not to throw them out, but to listen to their concerns and ensure with our means that it never happens
to people like that again. This is Love Mechanics in its entirety. It has many theorems. The confirmaton of the eternal game is that Love wins out if it is surely maintained against all
adversity. Love is only greatest when it is given free. Its kindest gift is when it is given with a true heart to those who have done the greatest wrong.

We listen in silence if we can. It does not matter even if we do not have the means. It need no communication. We stand still and wait. In expectation of nothing, but comforting tears with
joy. These tears are themselves an expression of need and a new begining. They are already a separation from the past and a new delaration of intent. It needs no communicaton whatsoever.
It needs standing to attention to listen, that is all. The problem is already solved. Now we must move together to find new things. The greatest is the collision of the Andomeda Galaxy with
our own. It will take a long time. People over here have never heard of it. 4 billion years. Every femtosecond counts. Let's go!

We have located problem and seek a means to find it. An appropriate title (take one second to find an amazing answer) Unconventional Histories and the Truth of Investigation. An
appropriate subtitle (half a second) is Never Mind the Amazement find the Answer. We will look at coherence in finding explanations, look for solutions not involving social norms but
directed towards finding the truth - select by logical reasoning - ignore conventions of conventionality and find the answer. The background is by socially improbable reasoning we may
come to the conclusion that aliens are mind controlling the planet. We don't look at social conventions here - we ignore them. We classify social conventions here only in understanding
social interpretations. We are only iterested in locating the truth. For this we locate all explanations possible. For coherence we not only include possible ones but also fictional accounts,
which must be so classified, and look at accounts even here on the basis not of coherence. Say, if a Science Fiction author is writing about star systems, he (not usually she still) has aquired
deep investigation on the nature of star systems, even of battles within it which may be quite coherent so may in some form have happened (the mathematical principle is: if it can happen, it
will; this is also used in engineering). So our improbable but coherent account so far is we have aliens occuying the planet by mind control. This is certainly not social norm neutral. We are
invesigating for coherence. Social calassification: Status Quo Explanation or Conspiracy Theory is irrelevant, but Conspiracy Theory is overwhelmingly coherent anyway, so it is productive
to look at these first. We look at all explanations. It is irrelevant to this that many accounts of Rigel and surrouding star systems are surprisingly detailed in their accounts and significance.
They detail feasible Galactic conflict. All these are collected together by coherence. Obviously fact/fiction is hugely relevant, but if this were the criterion for conventional accounts, who
would read the news? We will see by arbitrary logical application but ignoring social conventions, we apply coherence to find the truth. Unable to contact a Microsoft employee and tell
him he is human, please tell me your name, we escalate rapidly upwards to the President of Microsoft - no apparent means of communication, to Donald Trump, no answer yet, then Putin,
wait a day, humans sleeping possible, then having a coffee we look at Rigel and look at Wikipedia in star systems. We find their star catalogue and the text which says there are five stars,
another says there are six, mythological accouts may say otherwise, maybe seven, I forgot. The Rigelian hypothesis arises from the assertion by Graham Ennis that the alien spaceship
crashed in Nevada, had under a question, isotope identification as Rigelian. No communication method yet, but the Rigelians should have one. Also the novanionic physics developed in
the submerged account of physics because of its alleged dangerousness (but then the assertion is we are being murdered anyway, so what) means quantum teleportation is possible. We
don't use the general relativistic part, because the propagator here is light (self quantum interation - intepreted as propogator velocity) thus we only have quantum. We need something at
the other side, so the Rigelians should have it, but if they are located here it is somewhere here. If this is not local, since quantum is instantaneos, so the on-off reponse of my stange
website means we have located its transmission as probably not solar, which is sensible, but where? Where would Rigelians naturally locate a light, or neutrino, converter? We can find
out by logical deduction, but don't know for now. Well in the meantime we have Jesus Christ Insight, which is using an algebra of consistent thinking as a variable in Intuition, and even
hyperintuition, with insight/delusion and hypers in the game. Since insight is more important than reason, and Jesus uses it with natural facitllty so this insight reason is denser than
stringing sentences, as in Jesus's Book of Thomas. I had read Iscariot's The Book of Judas. I cannot locate it in any physics we know. It does not have equations, but only insight by insight.
So, a thought, it does not use equatons. I cannot locate Judas in any physics, but it must be the same as my own. So we can look at the Judas text, and in theory find a correspondance. I
thought multigames were relevant. They are not. By insight, polynomial wheel thery (the Galois solvability refutation in NSL) gives a correspondance between multigames and games by
multigame extension (by the Wonderful theorem, previously called the Bouncing Theorem). Clearly the problem is solved in reason (although the proof in NSL was incorrect) and thus
hyperintuitive extensions, so all multigames are binary games as in Hegelian logic and Yin-Yang). We could go further but I need to go to bed because theoretically I have been asleep for
a long time. Anyway, we have got somewhere. And even if it is false, wrong leads to right by Love theory (valid for the command of a toaster! - hence my deep fascination for the first
time in my life with the game of football! Its murder, these parts, are determinded via a numb control exercising all functions allocated by players, though some players are numb knowing
how a football is controlled) is amazing! Football is a game? Only mathematicians could have told us! This is clearly observant only to a mathematician. Others studying physics (not the
social vesion - reality does exist, von Neumann has failed his examinations here not us, examiners beat your heads against a textbook) - you should not mark and select young physicsists
by the adherence to the doctrine that reality does not exist. This is very academic and obviously wrong, like all of 20th century physics.