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The planet is in transition to Climate Catastrophe and Ecocide.
An unsustainable population faces unattainable agricultural production.

Characterised by ineptitude and corruption on a gigantic scale,
the dominant political system is held together by media circuses
and the use of technologies of total surveillance. However, the
greatest threat to corrupt social systems is the truth.

The Scots are not independent. A detailed well-sourced comprehensive account says the first referendum was a fraud.
It is right that the Scottish legal and political system should acknowledge the truth and declare Scottish independence.

The citizens of the UK accept Brexit negotiations when a detailed well-sourced comprehensive account says it was a
massive fraud. It is not right that the government should negotiate on the basis of an invalidly obtained decision.

The citizens of the UK accept its government. A detailed well-sourced comprehensive account says it fixes elections.
It is right that the UK government should be elected fairly, and the legal system should reject fraudulent elections.

Artemis Varidot intends to develop three documents

An investigation based on ethical principles into a document for public discussion to transfer
the governance of the UK to a transparent democracy free of fraud and unethical manipulation.

Subsidiary document. By what principles can an ethical capitalism be introduced?

Subsidiary document. How can ethical democracy physically and ethically defend itself?

We work separately and together with the surrounding social structure. We are presently available and visible to any social structure
wishing to inspect this website. Although we may indicate our intentions and beliefs we cannot usually predict our future behaviour.

    Do you like Boris Johnston?
    No, I'd prefer haddock.
    I must avoid Monsanto contaminants.
    Hard Brexit
    Brexit Referendum Fraud and Criminality
    When did Democracy die?

Be careful for what you wish, you might get it.
When clowns rule the world, it is no laughing matter.
The UK government is fascist because it fixes elections. Democracy is dead.
Fascism is back, and we have forgotten what it meant.

I have left the country of my birth because Brexit is
mismanaged by ignorant, deluded and uncaring people.

The UK is the world's second largest arms exporter and commits war
crimes by Ministry of Defence advisors bombing Yemen for the Saudi's.

I am horrified and distressed by this government's racism towards migrants, the
burning of 48,000 residency documents, the 8,000 Windrush deportations and
the 11,000 planned by the then Home Secretary, the nazi Amber Rudd.
Half my friends are classified as migrants.

I do not know why I have been so long before speaking out.

I support the homeless, yes, I need to say - the dying, the
disabled and the politically and religiously persecuted
and support nonviolent means, including civil disobedience,
to create a just society holding to principles of human rights.
I seek that the priviledged fulfill their obligations to the underpriviledged.
A monarchy is not an appropriate instrument in a democratic society,
the Royals should not indulge in money laundering, paedophilia and murder
and I believe the British political system is over-centralised.

Table of Contents

  1. Contacts
  2. Apollo-Gaia Project
  3. Azimuth Project
  4. Eco, Energy and Climate Catastrophe
  5. Engineering
  6. Evolutionary and Postevolutionary Systems
  7. Food and Permaculture
  8. Global Embezzlement System
  9. Gnostics
  10. History of the Fourth Reich
  11. Mathematics
  12. Neurophysiology and Cognition
  13. Raoof Mirzaei on Science
  14. Rebel University
  15. Music and Poetry
  16. Physics
  17. Plays, Novels and Film
  18. Politics and Human Rights
  19. Recycling and Waste
  20. Vedic Civilisation
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Politics and Human Rights

Broadly, the political spectrum is represented by three people, Adolf Hitler on the right, Stalin representing the centre and
Artemis Varidot, on the left.

Since Jim Adams reread some of Marx, he feels he needs to get back to his paddling pool.

For the last Labour administation, a long time ago,
Tony Blair was its Adolf Hitler
and Gordon Brown was Eva.

Later there was a dispute between Michael Ashcroft, the owner of Belize,
and David Cameron, over who owned the Conservative Party.
Ashcroft pointed out that Cameron loved pigs, who probably elected him.
Nowadays, Ashcroft has interests in Russia, but is surprised they own him.

Today Corbyn is the Konstantin Chernenko of British politics.
Boris Johnston is its Mussolini, but considerably more dim-witted.
Theresa May is a brick. I am sorry for bricks. They have a place in British
political architecture, except that politics concerns moving about.

Irish Reunification and Ulster.

Please read Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed's book: A User's Guide to the Crisis of Civilization and how to save it, Pluto Press, 2010.

This section was originally put in to give access to a group of Politics students at Brighton University. It contains recent material commemorating Holocaust
Memorial Day and some of my early writings on politics and political philosophy to various people in the Labour Party.

1. My objectives The objectives I have set for my life.

2. My beliefs Sometimes I find myself in a public role. This details my thinking on what motivates me and the nature of the world, so people can see what I think.

3. Thoughtlets A self-confidence boost, which I think might be helpful to some people.

4. The system Gives typical examples of the way the system works, and a little background of why this is so.

    The BBC Director General really needs money.
    You do not fuck a Dalek!
    I have never tried, but I am sure it is quite possible.
5. The BBC Reflections on the nature of BBC propaganda.

6. The Communist Manifesto The claim that The Communist Manifesto is propaganda is arrant nonsense.

You do not become head of the KGB by being particularly nice. One of the ways of doing it is to be extremely clever. It is a
matter of speculation as to what extent Vadim Putin has taken control of the world fascist system. Its application in Russia
is more congenial than anywhere else. He has selected for office the President of the US. It seems he is responsible for the
outcome of the Brexit Referendum in the UK and various politicians are paid by him to follow his preferences in the UK
Parliament. A large contingent of the German Bundestag and the French Assembly are there under his auspices. Interference
in elections of other countries, long thought a perogative of Western powers, is now applied to them. This is political chess of
the highest order. Theresa May does not know what a pawn is.

The Russian fascist elite

Arron Banks I. Fake news inquiry.

Arron Banks II. Missing 11 million for Brexit.

Russian political donations to the Conservative Party and its members are illegal.

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I claim my constitutional right to be worried about Trump.
Robert Fisk in the Independent documents the Syrian 'gas attack' as oxygen starvation in tunnels under heavy rain and dust.
Under BBC news blackout, as Cypriots leave and planes laden with bombs fly night and day from the airbase, the American
fleet rings Cyprus.
Netanyahu, released on bail but still Prime Minister of Israel, brandishes a 'secret' report (the Iranian submission to the
international nuclear inspectorate, available on the internet).

6. Genocide and the Holocaust Power Point presentation giving the numbers of those killed in genocides of the twentieth century.

7. Holocaust Memorial Day A poster written to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.

8. The next two items were written when I resigned over the attack on Fallujah in Iraq, the third being on the same subject to Party Chairman Ian McCartney.
War Party 1, War Party 2, Letter to Ian McCartney

9. Second letter to Ian McCartney. This was the letter to Ian McCartney, on rejoining.

10. Letter to David Lepper. Correspondence with David Lepper MP on Palestine.

11. Correspondence with Simone La Corbiniere. Correspondence with Simone La Corbiniere, of Our World Our Say.

12. These two items were part of correspondence with David Lepper on ID cards.
ID Cards 1, ID Cards 2

13. These two items were part of correspondence with Bob Glaberson, a Labour Party member, on the Middle East and the 'War on Terror'.
Terror 1, Terror 2

14. The Enlightenment Correspondence with Madeleine Bunting, Guardian journalist, on the Enlightenment.

15. Submission to SIAC on 'U', an Asylum Seeker SIAC is a special court set up to detain Asylum Seekers in the British Gulag. Its procedures are Kafkaesque.

16. Analysis of the May 2007 Local Election in Brighton and Hove Kevin Allen asked me to write a statistical analysis of the May 2007 local elections in Brighton
and Hove, in which I was an election agent for the Labour Party.

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