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    eBook 2018 New physics for engineers (unfinished)
    eBook 2018 Elementary universal physics (unfinished)
    eBook 2018 Investigations into universal physics (unfinished)

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Physics 2017 - 2018

1. Schedule of research for 2018. This is the current research schedule for papers on physics.

Physics - eBooks: New Physics for Engineers,
Elementary Universal Physics
and Investigations into Universal Physics

New physics for engineers (unfinished)
Elementary universal physics (unfinished)
Investigations into universal physics (unfinished)

Physics 2012 - 2016

A new work on Heim theory (2016) is given as item 3.

I have a non logical-positivist philosophy, so I think things are "there" whether they are being observed or not. This means my view of relativity is that suggested as a possibility by John Bell, and is really the position of Lorentz rather than Einstein. To make this clearer, in General Relativity, since there is no simultaneity, there is the possibility of the space splitting into mutually inconsistent worlds. But if there is a "cross product" that is everywhere in the space, this only makes sense if there is a "simultaneous" globalisation.

My view of quantum mechanics is similar: The ground state, being the empty set, is not equivalent to a transformation to itself. I take the view of de Broglie and Bohm, who had the same quantum equations but a "thinkable" theory.

1. Pictures of physics: theories and experiments. This was the old 2015 chapter headings for the eBook on this subject.

2. Electroweak chiralty, 10-novanions and the heterotic string On May 14th 2014, I had a conversation with a Hungarian (and blind) first year physics student at Sussex University. Having explained to him the proof on the existence of the 10-novanion algebra, as a division algebra except at time t = 0, he came up with the astounding suggestion that 10-novanions correspond to the 10-dimensional heterotic string. I was so won over by the idea that I wrote an article, describing various linked ideas and including this theory as its end point.

3. Novanions and Einstein-Heim unification This indicates that 10-novanions may be used to describe the remarkable unification of physics by the German physicist Burkhard Heim, which includes a computation of the fine structure constant and explicit computation of particle mass-spectrums.

4. Physics programme In 2013 I had the idea that rather than talk of a "pilot wave", we deal with a "pilot sheaf". This is interesting because sheaves can be contravariant if they are described by "back arrows", but do not have to be, and physical laws (actually the "potential") are covariant. So I thought we might be looking at toposes, combined spaces, logic and sets, in particular possibly the functors C -> Cop, which is equivalent to a contravariant functor C -> C (the sheaf) and Cop -> Cop (the covariant tensor potential). Since research into physics was not due to begin until 2015, I was asked to sketch its outline, herea little amended and extended, of conversations on the 'day of pi', March 14th 2013, represented by the number 3.14.

Historical background

The Physics archive accesses historical material that went into the creation of Universal physics.

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