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Music is the most jealous mistress - Carol McQuire

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New Music

The music is downloadable. Of my eight compositions, I am hopeful piece no. 10 will be performed. Nightfall and my Sonata No. 2 were performed at the University of Sussex on 26th February 2009. Jug on the Table, in memory of Sydney Vale, was due to be constructed. These texts, and that of Seek Now The Truth are given below. The works (with me on the piano if there is one, unless shown otherwise) are

1. Sonata No. 2: Humoresque - this seems to be the most popular of my works, Kaos and Shipwreck of Dreams (with a slightly related poem).

2. Sonata for Four Hands, performed by Glen Capra and Kevin Allen, in four movements:

Jar of Moonbeams, Dance of the Robots, Rondetto and Cave of Echoes.

3. All my Love for You One of my earliest pieces (played Capra/Allen).

4. Guitar Duet My first work to be performed, by David Jenner and Jon Rattenbury.

5. Death Poem Words by Guantanamo prisoner Jumah Al Dossari.

6. I Anoint my Flesh Words by Wole Soyinka, who was imprisoned in solitary confinement for 22 months for protest against the Biafran war. It is sung by Jane Richards.

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7. The Asylum Seeker spoken by Jane Richards and me. A woman escapes a tyrannical regime and seeks haven in another country. But she is imprisoned in a bureaucratic system that drives her insane.

8. Xena For oboe and bassoon. Sibelius wav file. Xena score here. It would be better played at 55 and not 45 BPM.

9. Nightfall (c) Copyright 2008, Composition: Terence Deadman, words Jim Adams (this was played by Mark Richey, tenor Kevin Starns). text

10. A Cobweb's Touch in the Dark.

11. Jug on the Table. text

12. Seek Now the Truth. text

13. Professor Peabody's Automatic Underwear Device. text

14. Is there intelligent life on Earth? old joke

My love is like a river, and other poems

15. Message to all Daleks. text

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16. No Time to Understand You. text

17. It is Me. text

18. Sick. text

19. Dust. text

20. Protection. text

21. My Love is Like a River. text