My abject greatness employs these noms de stylo:

    1. Wallace Hamilton Aristide (various, including scientist, philosopher and composer)
    2. Jim Hamilton Adams (ditto, present name)
    3. Hammy Hamster (from middle name Hamilton, and shape of front teeth)
    4. James Adams (never before used)
    5. George Adams (Peronist father - photo lost)
    6. David Adams (dear brother, eventually mentally ill, long deceased)
    7. Artemis Varidot (disputant and collective self)
    8. Konrad Weil (German playwright, novelist and film maker)
    9. Marcus de Penguinne (nothing to do with Penguin in French)
    10. Sir Captain Scarlet (given a knighthood for vast services to pupettry)
    11. Lord Troy of Blackburn (ditto)
    12. General Waste (logistics expert and military planner)