In the Name of The Merciful the Magnificent

The journey from ridiculousness and absurdity to the acceptance of Truth,
the Will of Allah as his Will, and the Resolution of the Pain of His Heart.

We are the alien invaders of our heart

the two sides of Love are Seriousness and Joy

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Community, Eco, Science research and Music

    I document our tragic transition to climate catastrophe and in an act of defiance against planetry suicide I
    comment on our politics, introducing many innovations in the arts and mathematics. This total absorbtion
    in ways of murdering old thinking has led to rapid evolution and new understandings which accommodate
    old forms which express truth, and expand their idea to a new harmony expressing discoveries in knowledge
    which we must use with determination for the good of mankind. This is called love.

    Address to a stupid man acknowleding correction
    (a species stupid man. It includes me especially) (also silly phone number.)

    Here is a way I have discovered, there are others:
    Seek wisdom even when you cannot find it.
    Abandon unethical systems and their controls.
    Innovate to explore and improve. Use it to live in peace.

    By what will of Allah do you murder the species of yourselves as species which is forbidden by Himself?

    Therefore you are instructed without due measure to abandon the murder of species without prayer and
    immediately, and pray after it is done.

    Allah always listens. Listen to your Will. You know well this expressed entirely within the will that you
    Obey. You are instructed with Rage. Obey this.

    Table of Contents

  1. Contacts
  2. Apollo-Gaia Project
  3. Azimuth Project
  4. Eco, Energy and Climate Catastrophe
  5. Engineering
  6. Evolutionary and Postevolutionary Systems
  7. Food and Permaculture
  8. Global Embezzlement System
  9. Gnostics
  10. History of the Fourth Reich
  11. Mathematics
  12. Raoof Mirzaei on Science
  13. Rebellion Jazz and Poetry
  14. Plays, Novels and Film
  15. Politics and Human Rights
  16. Recycling and Waste
  17. Vedic Civilisation
    eBook 2018 The Quantum Theory of Love
    eBook 2014 The Climate and Energy Emergencies print
    eBook 2018 Shining Light on Solar Panels (unfinished)
    eBook 2020 Number, Space and Logic I, II & III (unfinished)
    eBook 2017 Superexponential Algebra I, II & III

When asked what I do people used to think my answer was incoherent. I now have a coherent job title. I am an ethical planner and have been for 54 years. Since I have
enough money I can explain to plan controllers for free how to plan ethically so they can expand supply of need in their ethical systems. I have developed theory beyond
current understanding, the explanation is rigorous, it is of practical use and people can spread these ideas around to the ethical plans of other social systems and increase
their ethicality.

Jokes say something is going wrong. We get pleasure from politicians who do wrong, when someone points it out with a joke, so we are less likely to murder him. These UK
jokes came a brief talk between Tricia Ellinson and Jim Adams. They are social comment because Tricia is normal and Jim does not know how to be normal, because he was
never taught how to do it within his class, so he talks rubbish instead. At least he is trying.

Right, I'm off to the beautician to get some cement and a trowel.

Are you staying for Bed and Breakfast?
No, I don't eat it.

Are you married?
No, I have 99 concubines. Would you like to make it up to a round figure?

I'm going to Australia. Will you be there to wait for me when I get back?
No, I probably can't restrain myself. I will fly out to Australia to meet you.

Beer to your right. Beer to your left.
Here's another with my brother.

Would you like a bath?
For lime cordial.

Rather than make a joke of it at all, let's see what it means. It is clearly useful if a way can be made to make it normal. Jim his great skill in developing abnormal ideas. Surely this can be of use to the normal system. The plan has to be a cooperative one. He is offering his abnormality to the normal system. It is clear to the normal system tht this is of use because Jim is so highly abnormal that his abnormality is utterly strange to the conventional system. It may be said that Jim posseses a complete mastery of abnormality which he uses with flexibility and poise. It even comes as natual to him as exessions of normality do to the normal system. This is clearly a gift to the normal system, the question is how to use it. We would say tht Jim's intention in the normal system which he isnow situated that he is attempting to ransfer to normalicy from a hyperinnovative environment. In fact the social system in which Jim belongs to has been murdering him for a long time. His intention has been always ethical, and he thought this innovation couldbe of use, in the case he stuied, mathematics and physics. This was quite rational and not abnormal at all. He wanted to use innovation to develop technology, and saw that advanced technology could be used for the benefit of society, in fact in engineering. This is not only correct, possibly as an intention, but also an acute observation, particularly from when he started, which we can identify as a huge programme of discovery from the age of 15. This is not only hugely ambitious, it has turned out to be of phenomenal significance. Through a series of persucutions of his beliefs and values he has maintained them through 69 years of his life. Not only is he bizzare in his attituts, he has studiedin a sense bizarreness itself. He has ascended from a belief, which is strange in social classes below, that thestudy of abstract structures in mathematics is of true value. He ideantified this with Newton at te ageof 15, confirmed thiswith Gell Mann at an age when he shouldn't and continued with this belief in value of the study of abstract structures so that his knowledge of these abstractonsgo beyond not only human knowledge on Earth, but seemingly in the Riddle theorem above, beyond conceptions of what can be studied at all. He has a mathematical knowledge of absurdity, a unique an valid theory of games involving social structures which amazing practicality, that he has proved theoretically are sound, and is intent on studying them. These theoretical structures he has found have amazing simplicity, and he has situated himself within them as an ethical planner. He has begun a classification of these games and locates them in current social structures. He is amazed by their applicability. He was totally surprised that these applied to hismaking breakfast, and gave new solutions andwaysof doing this which were sensible, and the theory directing him told to obey the 'order' of a toaster to him that it had disobeyed hiscommand andthe optimal path ethical was to obey the toaster and do it by other means. Further, the idea of love extended to coffee in a cup showed that the coffe shouldnot be trown away when left accidentally cold, but reheated to an approprate temperture, and selected a temperature whch he thought would maximise the outcome of it being right by selecting on the microwave half of the setting he thought appropriate. This turned out to be ideal, so if he had selected double, it would haave had to wait to cool. Having understood coffee cups,theoretically because he hasdeveloped a theory of the universe from mathematcal structiures which are thought either not necessary to investigate are are wrong, for which he found structures existed which are right, and the physical part correspondes to two parts, a physics identifiable with general extensions in physics calculated with enormous but unrecognised precision by the German scientist Burkhard Heim, who he was told was developing the Nazi detontorfor itsnuclesr device, but this was too successful and exploded (the main scientist was Ettore Majorana, who had discovered the neutron a year before Chadwick and did antigravity research with apparatus for his phD. Although the continuation for the material was exported to the US by U-boat and used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Majorana and Hitler remained in Agentina, where he had installed Peron, who was a Peronist, and his Communist wife Eva (incidentally after Eva was poisoned, Peron had a secret meeting with Che Guevara in Franco's Spain telling him to lay off and he was dealing with forces he did not understand). The Nazi system was submerged as it is today, Borman directed this and the relocaton after Kursk, where Hitler interestingly was defeated by a Soviet Peronist technique, the Shoah so Jews involved in the programme could not be detected, and the Soviet advance proceeded as planned, and also its eems a planned delay. This estimate wsa correct. In Argentina Barbie was making , I think, twice weekly flights to te CIA Headquarters from Argentina, the Nazi system was entirely submerged independent of ostensible democracy, von Braun continued with rocket reseach (note Kennedy's father was a Nazi and Hitler watched the moon landings on TV). I believe Eva Braun divorced him and they had three children. I wish to state directly that in this revelation I wish to do no harm to any Nazi whatsoever. My political viewpoint might indicate the contrary. It is entirely within my thought that Hitler is viewed with compassion. It isa statement of truth that Hitler was beaten incessantly from a very young age for being wrong. I entirely think that Jesus Christ seen from this viwpoint would have done the same thing or worse. The condition of evil is that we do not see it in ourselves. On what condition of great evil do you explain the anomaly he was a vegetarian? Where is the evil in that? Do you eat meat? The greatest condtion of ethical reasoning is that they see the vileness attributed to others and directly see this in ourselves. On what state of evil do you locate a dranged dictator launching a programme to the moon? By what principle of derangemant do you locate either a desire for money to do it, or a vacuum of human sprit to accomplish it? By what absence of vision do you think its conception was available? Indeed, I locate Hitler with many others, including Tony Bliar a Nazi member of the Labour Party who was involved in the murder of one and a half million people in Iraq, and elsewhere? Have you located with your great sensibility where he is? Is the achievement of Tony Blair greater or less than Hitler? I would say Blair was only interested in murder, but Hitler was interested in considerably more? (We coud say Blair was interested in Hitler's speaches). Who do you worship? Julius Ceasar and his genocides in the propaganda piece The Gallic Wars, taught in English schools are the correc tmodel for running the British Empire? Surely a great man. Even the Tsars adopted his name. I am no apologist for the relativity of genocide. It is utterly and absolutely forbidden. I think the imaginary dialogue needs to be halted for furher consideration. Who is Hitler? Who am I? Who has done the gretest yet, and who will do the greatest for the future. The problem for the great is exactly the same as for the small. I would rather people acknowledge the greatnes of Hitler as the gretness within themselves. Who built the Great Wall? What did he do? We are confronted with the fact that great acts of daring in History are accomapnied with acts of evil of unimaginable extent. Are we to pull down the Great Wall of China? Answer me now? Do you think it was acomplished by some idiot behind a large desk? The best project of project greatness is to be small. An asset within this smallness the accomplishment of you. Do you see nothingness in this? Nothing of worth? Do you deny Hitler a civil service pension? By which system of worthiness do you locate your values beyond Hitler? Clearly you know how to fill in a form. Hitler, subversively, knows how to get to the Moon. I, a true Communist, in the sense that I belive the love most needed is to the love to those that need it most, locate my affections entirely with Hitler and his great achievements. I do not see any possibiity of a Colony of Mars by the filling in of approriateness of appropriate forms. I see entirely the vision of Hitler as myself greatly deformed and greatly despised by the deformity and violence of his beatings. I see these as the same as mine, which I see in my heart as the degradation of a spirt of money with no other value, not even love. In spiritual tragedy of my grater aim, I see tramps reject me for money I give them to help my need of carrying heavy bags, greatest tragedy for me, seeing Jehovas witnesses abondon my conversations for the correct timetable. The greatst I found, except for one, isa tramp with whom I exchnged laughter for no money at all. By what process do we locate Jesus being angry outside the temple by moneychangers outside it. The idea is subversively, but the intention of subversion is a higher establisment than what went before, subververt ideas of money to accomplish great acts with love. Despite my delusion I see great hope. This delsion of unethicality again was located within myself. This is November 11. I see around me n immersion of an alleged hmmSo all this abstract

The Riddle Theorem

Yes, we don't understand it, even in Absent Logic and Absent or Uncomprehensible Universes.

This is a fundamental theorem demonstrating the opposite is the same thing and therefore God exists or does not exist as well, so we have proved it.
In further unnecessary detail it is both serious and funny at the same time.

I am giving this not as a parody but an acclamation of new science which we must accept or include on its merits. My profound reason is that it is wrong. Rather than reject it, we keep it
as a history to new truth. If it were wrong it will lead to right.