Welcome from Jim H. Adams on

Academic freedom

    I invited students of mathematics for a discussion and signing of free copies
    of an extract of the book Number, Space and Logic.

    The previous venue that day at the Meeting House of the University of Sussex
    was prevented by the department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

    The issues I have addressed are irrefutable. The authoritarian command and
    control response is inappropriate for an academic institution.

    New thinking needs informed debate.

    Philip Harris, Head of School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences writes:

    When we last spoke, I told you that I had no objection to your coming into MPS if you
    wanted, for example, to listen to a maths lecture; but I made it clear that you were under
    no circumstances to talk to or interfere with our students in any way. It has come to my
    attention that this morning you violated these terms in a significant way.

    It is with very great regret therefore that I must ask you not to visit MPS or its vicinity
    again. This is private land, and your presence here in future will be regarded as trespass.

    Security are being informed, and I have passed on your details.

    My response: My friend Philip is imposing a system under his control. But we need to go
    beyond blind authority to rediscover the principles on which a University should be based.
    Philip seems to believe this is a school for the replication of doctrines by those in power.
    For me, the universal truth has no boundaries, and to harm others is to defeat myself.

    Philip is mistaken if he is saying that I agreed not to speak to students - I believe in open
    dialogue, and I am interested in mathematics research and teaching.

    The education we seek to find this truth is not a dispensation. It is a shared quest.