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The planet is in transition to Climate Catastrophe and Ecocide.
An unsustainable population faces unattainable agricultural production.

Characterised by ineptitude and corruption on a gigantic scale,
the dominant political system is held together by media circuses
and the use of technologies of total surveillance. However, the
greatest threat to corrupt social systems is the truth.

Fascism has always been there, and is the dominant organisation of the planet.

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  1. Contacts
  2. Apollo-Gaia Project
  3. Azimuth Project
  4. Eco, Energy and Climate Catastrophe
  5. Engineering
  6. Evolutionary and Postevolutionary Systems
  7. Food
  8. Global Embezzlement System
  9. Gnostics
  10. History of the Fourth Reich
  11. Mathematics
  12. Raoof Mirzaei on Science
  13. Rebel University
  14. Music and Poetry
  15. Physics
  16. Plays, Novels and Film
  17. Politics and Human Rights
  18. Recycling and Waste
  19. Sex and Relationships
  20. Vedic Civilisation
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History of the Fourth Reich

The conclusion of the First and Second World Wars established firmly and irrevocably the principle that certain types of people prefer not to do the washing up.

Conservatives believe in the free market economy, there are institutions for capital and labour, and their role is to support capital. Lunatics think the world is their will, their representation, so there is no objective world outside thmselves. Fascists accept there is an objective world, but maintain their role is to impose their will, their representation irrespective of this. Nazis are fascists who believe in eugenics.

Duke of Windsor

Negotiations with Hitler. Bush and the main Nazi bank in the US. Hitler's payment of 25 million dollars to the Duke. Why Churchill was tempted to have him assasinated. Capture in Lisbon and the British flying boat to Bermuda and the Bahamas. Confinment and surveillance. The flight of Hess to meet co-conspirators at a Scottish airport and depose Churchill. Why Churchill was overruled to have the Duke tried and executed for treason. Why Attlee was never informed and would have got rid of the monarchy.

The Nazi nuclear programme

The battle of Kursk

The Bormann Plan

The Nazis since 1945 I The Nazis in South America and the US

The Nazis since 1945 II The Nazis in Europe

Military structures of the Fourth Reich

Banking structures of the Fourth Reich

Popaganda structures of the Fourth Reich

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