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Imperialist Decay and the Nazi Cancer 1945 - 2019

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It is difficult to come to terms with the idea that if we have a correct
general discription of history, then no history within it is abnormal.

The great principle of evolution is it does not
matter because it is beyond our control.
This ought to be taught in schools.
Battle of Kursk, July to August 1943

Rage is rage against the Death of the Soul.



I had come to a conclusion once again that was absurd. I had thought by the use of reason that those around me had no genuine control of our minds. This is a mere item and is and always
has been true. We are all under the command of God and his Eternal self. I had thought there was a possibility for deep alarm. This could never have been so. I will give the situation of
concern first. It was a natural worry. Second is a joy I see of a new future. This future is already with us in its beginnings. Love has won forever. Let us begin with the first.

Above all, democracy is not a fake. All UK elections from David Cameron are rigged. Fascist governments are well established phenomena. When this is unknown for over 6 years this is
not alarming, it cannot be other than mass mind control. By what process, confronted by a patient responding only in deficient French, does a psychiatric service deem permissible when
English at last emerges, that it is OK to use shaving cream to wash one's hair, or a toothbrush to brush one's bottom? This idea of mindless ones not directed by any self but oblivious to all
conditions of legality, care and responsibility, from wrong medications to the absence in the deepest poetry of recognition of the soul is no temporary aberation. It is the occupation by these
mindless objects of the mind, we hope not, of Lucifer himself. No matter how wide the extent, it is Allah himself who maintains us. Let us pray to Allah, whose name in other religions is
Adonai or God, and in the sciences, deranged by such deformities nevertheless, of Truth or Reality itself, Let us keep due rendering of these tales as a true declamation simply expressed.
I am that I am. This is the phrase not just of Adonai to Moses on the Mount. It is the phrase I wish to utter at my death. If this be long disputed, yet my God Himself proclaim His existence
here. There is no other salvation, than that those amongst us who declare fair values, declaim the deep difference between right and wrong. Otherwise no civilisation can be saved. Together
we must perish in the Love of God. There is not any other true than this. I proclaim it now.

The battle of Kursk Youtube video. It is claimed by Americam military historians that Hitler's decision to engage in the battle of Kursk was a mistake. To the contrary, it led
inevitably to the temporary defeat of the Nazi system, and his ejection from Europe. It was a great success.

The worst crises solved with love lead to the greatest happiness.

When Truman asked Stalin at the Potsdam Conference in 1945
whether Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly 'No'.
Hitler left the bunker in Berlin with Eva Braun
via a network of tunnels on 22 April 1945.

They flew to Barcelona, Spain on 26 April where Franco met them.
Junkers aircraft took them to Ascencion and Argentina.

A far more ethical principle than make ethical people ethical is make murders reform.
In failing others in the attainment of love to me, I failed to mark others in their attainnent to themselves
The Fourth Reich is the political entity which was submerged and displaced from the Third Reich.
Fascism has always been there, and is the dominant organisation of the planet.

The work of Jim, or Wallace, Adams is a case in point. Do you like him sitting in our psychiatric jails, or have you a greater sense of humour? Speak out.

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  4. Ecology, Food and Permaculture
  5. Energy in Planned Climate Catastrophe Aversion
  6. Engineering
  7. Global Embezzlements and Negotiations for better Use
  8. Gnostics - The first amongst many Christians and today's Heritage
  9. Lesser Mathematics in Stages to Greater Mathematics
  10. Loving Politics and Human Rights
  11. Our Galaxy the Milky Way
  12. Physics
  13. Plays, Novels and Film
  14. Postevolutionary Systems are Evolving
  15. Raoof Mirzaei on Science
  16. Rebellion Jazz and Poetry
  17. Rebel University
  18. Recycling and Waste
  19. Sunshine and Happiness
  20. Vedic Civilisations
  21. Why the Sane in Mind Control Society are Abused
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History of the Fourth Reich

Perhaps I need to explain to my German friend my understanding of what jokes are and why we make them. We have an dysfunctional social system in this country. It is deeply and
deliberately wrong. I made the remark that it is a pity children are not taught different joke systems. That way, we might learn to laugh together, rather than what almost seems to happen
for Brexit, to cry.

I met a German to ask whether the following jokes made sense to him. They did not. The reason is jokes are highly culture specific. Adolf Hitler is a parody of the apex of the English
vertical class system. We pride ourselves in our sense of humour, which is partly bizarre because of the arcane political class structure of the system, so then jokes are a method of
controlling ourselves so that we do not do grave damage even murder to people outside ourselves who gravely damage us or even murder people unethically. We obtain pleasure from
jokes, so if we obtain pleasure form thinking about a person who does evil we are less likely to be in a state of mind where we explode and feel we have to something serious and even
nasty about it. Jokes are statements about the surrounding social system in another context. I can well see that Germans do not want to make jokes about Adolf Hitler. The reason is it is
utterly distressing to make jokes about Belsen gas chambers, and the knowledge that Germany went very wrong in Nazi Germany is a substantial understanding which makes Germany
a better place today. I am told German jokes are about close personal relationships. This may mean the surrounding political system is in some sense OK in Germany. In the UK we
have a different social system and unlike Germany it is uttely deranged and evil. This has been that way for a long time and now we have a fascist government in the UK that was not
democratically elected and fixes elections that it did not win and expects the population to be fooled that it won them. It also controls the legal system so nobody can take any action
against it. For instance the first Scottish referendum clearly showed a result in favour of independence, and by a clandestine operation using MI5 the UK government fixed the result and
declared the opposite result. It fixed the Brexit referendum in its favour by an overspend of at least 31 million, 11 million of which were in the possession of Arron Banks, who smirks at
us and tells the legal system he does not know where it is and the legal system is not allowed to find an answer. The situation is exactly the same for general elections. We are not exactly
sure how long this has been going on. David Cameron agreed to it. John Major's government was legally elected. So the reason we are making jokes about Adolf Hitler here is social
comment on the fact that we have a fascist government and inside ourselves we feel we don't want to murder people in the fascist UK government who did this. The reason the UK joke
system is about distant power relationships and the German system is not is that these controlling idiots have been at their controlling idiocy for a long time. The reason the cultural joke
system became lunatic after Monty Python was the political control went increasingly lunatic. In the other direction, Daleks are underground social comment from people in the BBC on
the control structure in the BBC. They were originally a comment on John Birt, but still operate today. The BBC needs extensive comedy programs to keep the population in check and
prevent them from murdering politicians. BBC comedy is unexportable to most other countries, especially those with sane political systems which are not fascist.

The English laugh at their own jokes but do not understand why nobody else finds that they are funny. How could anyone make jokes about Adolf Hitler which are so utterly distressing?
Understand in what follows that Hitler is the UK government and its class system. Then you will laugh at English jokes more than the English do themselves.

The conclusion of the First and Second World Wars established firmly and irrevocably the principle that certain types of people prefer not to do the washing up.

It seems Adolf Hitler decided to create a super-race by sexual intercourse with a mollusc. These people are everywhere, and control all social systems from above.

Conservatives believe in the free market economy, there are institutions for capital and labour, and their role is to support capital. Lunatics think the world is their will, their representation,
so there is no objective world outside themselves. Fascists accept there is an objective world, but maintain their role is to impose their will, their representation irrespective of this. In this no
rules apply, although it may be convenient to present the sitution as if they did. Nazis are fascists who believe in racial superiority or eugenics.

Duke of Windsor (formerly Edward VIII)

To be completed: Negotiations with Hitler. Bush and the main Nazi bank in the US. Hitler's payment of 25 million dollars to the Duke. Why Churchill was tempted to have him assasinated.
Capture in Lisbon and the British flying boat to Bermuda and the Bahamas. Confinment and surveillance. The flight of Hess to meet co-conspirators at a Scottish airport and depose Churchill.

During the drive to one of his Nuremburg speeches, Hitler is instructed to give a pause at a particular point for effect.
At this pause, one of his aides discretely whispers in his ear
'The Furhrer may wish to know he is not wearing any trousers'
The Furher replies 'Get me some new Panzers, but I want no Pincer movements inside'.

'Mein Fuhrer, we are running out of jokes'.
'Bomb London!'
'That's not nice, mein Fuhrer, let's bomb Leningrad!'.

I have realised within myelf a new and glorious aim. To make a joke that everyone else laughs at, but the English do not understand what it is.

The Nazis since 1945 The Nazis in Europe

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