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    Allah allows you to think

    A. Having reflected, I have recently looked at a priority system to condition the behaviour between the people I meet. 1 has higher priority than 2, which has higher priority
    than 3.
    1. The truth is the most important.
    2. The ethics of social relations is the second.
    3. My littleness, that is, my accommodation with others, is the third.
    This is a teaching, so I am presenting my will to you. I do not claim it represents the truth. My observation is that it seems to work. I change my ideas often. At the moment
    I am pleased that it seems to spread happiness to those around me. Before I sought to assert my power. Now, almost always, I seek to minimise it. I invite you, if you wish, to
    experiment to see if it works for you.

    B. I frequently change my mind. This has happened here, and the files have been restored. The text which follows comprises my original argument. I had thought a task I might
    wish to perform would be to go to Hiroshima and Nakasaki and listen in tranquility and peace to the words of the generals who did this. The text itself contans a prequel. I
    occasionally write in a bombastic style which I later amend or reduce. There is no urgent need to do this for the prequel.

    Having written a work Prayer to Humanity as the first item in this section, I had cause to reflect. It is a depiction of the great evils which I see inherent in our history, and is
    in the form of a service with formulistic rituals and movements of observance, expressed in an evocative and poetic language. It expesses no more than that, neither in support
    nor in condemnation. I had thought it would be interpreted as a condemnation of the actions of our race, to be taken independently of all urging, and on reflection that it seems
    a true picture of ourselves, and the attitudes that have produced these horrible events.

    This work is withdrawn.

    I had become concerned that there is a religious group in our society which has been marginalised and persecuted. It is my intention to marginalise and persecute nobody, and
    allow always religious expression.

    Paganism, involving the worship as I understand of the devil, has long historical roots in our society. I am unfamiliar with its texts and I am unable to comment on them. I
    would have thought, inexpert as I am, that an opinion within paganism is that evil is a ruling principle in our world. I would expect that a strand of this belief is that we
    accommodate to it.

    Aware also that religions have many denominations, it might well be the case that an additional idea would be to promote evil.

    The latter idea I cannot accept.

    I then came to the conclusion that for the Prayer to Humanity, expressing as it did parts of the human psyche with which I am in revolt, and vivid depictions in history of its
    effects, that I was in fact presenting a service to a Satanic Church, and this might well be accepted as a complete description of the intentions of this strand of paganism, and
    in its poetic description of evil it might well be attractive to them.

    I cannot allow this to happen, because although I allow the description of evil and people who commit it, I state my intention and action is the opposite. My attitude to those
    who wish to do evil is to state that my wish is the reverse. My attitude to those who wish to do evil is that I cannot harm others including those who wish to do evil even to me.
    It is incompatible with this viewpoint that my work should be used as a medium to assist the idea that activity which is evil is one to promote. The work must be withdrawn.

    O Lucifer, read your books!

    Prayer to Humanity

    A realisation opens.

    When I find myself, and everything that is within me, and there is no boundary to myself between what I am and what I am not, then will my soul and my love extend to the
    universe and be at oneness with myself.

    Rejecting nothing, neither Satan nor all his works which is within me, and the horror of what I am, and these worlds of beauty in which I am a part all this will become apparent
    to me.

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