Welcome from David Adams, Graham Ennis, Artemis Varidot and
the Humanity of the Soul

The Gnostics of history and the Lovers of Truth

God is so Terrible and so Just that no system of values can cope without disintegration His massive ambitions
together with His absolute insistence on Death.

I have come to a nice idea today, which is to accept love mistakes. It is best to give an example. I say I don't like killing chickens, so I don't like vegetables dressed up as if in chicken
legs. I have made that public as a preference only. Today somebody has offered me vegetable Kiev (as in chicken Kiev) presumably because the person likes ckickens to eat so chicken
Kiev is nice. What I do is I accept fully and with thanks the love mistake. Then we are happy in exchanging our tokens of love, and to give us something to eat. It is nice and wholesome
to accept that we are all offering love, and it is often mistaken.

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Why are Muslims healthier than the general population? It is because they pray five times a day. These are press-ups.

A Roman centurion is putting nails in Jesus's hands on the cross. Jesus says of his right hand: pink nails for the right hand.
Bumpf! A nail goes in. Jesus says of his left hand: blue nails for the left hand. Bumpf! The centurion says: all nails in the
Roman Legion are rusty for crucifictions. Jesus replies, after the New Testament, we have blue nails and pink nails, and this
is much better!

    Those who may wish to see the revelaton of Hate
    within some exterior are often astounded that
    this Hate is in themselves.

    This discovery of Hate is no conundrum, but a
    new revelation that its casting Out leads to
    New Love and to New Love of Truth.

    This Truth has many religions.
    In Islam it is Allah Himself.
    I speak merely in another language.
    Each assigns to the other new words
    and new Syntax of Revelation.

    But all who Ascribe the Will of Allah to themselves
    Cannot deny the Truth of It,
    Nor the Physical Manifestation of Allah
    As Adonai or God or in Many Religions
    As the Same Thing or Idea.

    Thus in Reality we Trust.
    The truth of Man the Human who declaims its Aim
    But not yet its Physical Manifestation in himself.
    A True Believer of the Truth Allah
    Asserts many Languages as His Own. We speak Many or we speak One.

    Allah allows you to think and despose of it, so at least useful knowledge is kept sensibly.
    Sometimes an item of little value turns out to be more useful than we thought.

    This work is imperfect. I go on. Do you reason sensibly by practical and worldly understanding, and use it when it does not violate the will of Allah? Some dispute this thinking.
    They say we must follow Allah always, and there need be no other method. If they give the same answer we can use it. We know being sensible gives us a decision as we see it
    when we do not have full knowledge. If Allah gives us this, it may be said it can be used even if on occasion we know it to be faulty. We know as a teaching of equal or more
    importance, Allah allows you to rest. Do not think in your pursuit of the thinking of Allah, Allah forbids you to rest. Allah knows his own thinking anyway, and even if you think
    you have much insight in the way this happens, the fact that Allah has bequeathed you the ability and need to rest must be adhered to, even if you are pursuing the thinking of
    Allah. Therefore Allah commands you to rest. Also it may be added, and the situation is entirely comparable, Allah allows you to enjoy yourself. If Allah bequeathes you the
    ability to enjoy yourself, do not forbid it in the pleasure of thinking about Allah, but do it direct. Allah instructs, but more considerations follow. Suppose your brother says:
    attend to the way you dispose of your socks, so that they may be washed properly. Do not say: this is a trivial instruction, I must attend to my studies of the will of Allah, and
    this is more important. If you have done your prayers, think that Allah, who knows all, has instructed you to attend to your socks in the way your brother instructs. You know
    full well from your studies that Allah says we must extend our love of Him to others. Thus if you do not attend to the situation of your brother's socks before your intense study
    of Allah, you have failed in attending to his will and get low marks, though not nil. It is sensible therefore, having attended to your prayers as you must, to attend to the essential
    task of dealing with your socks in the way clearly demonstrated by your brother, so that the love between you is increased and in other minor ways, and you know that in this
    small step you have increased the love and binding and help between you, and this is a major teaching that the Mosque gives you. Then you may think that having achieved this
    matter and having enough time available, you may spread the understanding of Allah further by attending to the tasks of those around you and offering help. In all this Allah
    does not instruct that you forget yourself in this, for he loves you too. In doing this you will increase the happiness of yourself, and doing that in your activities of others we
    may well expect that you are spreading this happiness to others, and that is just.

    There are some who think they do minor work, and that is of no importance. But if something were of no importance, why would Allah, who has created the universe and has
    attended to everything, create something of no importance? Think therefore even if everyone else thinks what you are doing is of no importance, Allah is correct and it is.
    Therefore consider that if Allah has plans for all, it includes equally plans for those that are important combined with plans for those thought unimportant, and Allah who is
    important as you justly acknowledge has important plans for all of you together. To conclude, there are those who justly think they have studied the work of Allah in many
    ways and consider they have important things to say too. Do not ignore them, if you think this thinking is just. Everything is in Allah's plans, including those who think they
    are important, who as a gift to others in love wish to share it with you. You do not have to look at this thinking all at once. Allah will decide what importance is to be given to
    it, and will enable you to make judgements on it, and how much or little you need immerse yourself in it. Do not think that if knowledge is available everyone must understand
    everything about it. That is unreasonable. How many stars are in our Galaxy alone, each one something like the sun which you see in the sky and the planet Earth that surrounds
    it? Do not think it is reasonable to consider it a necessity to know everything about your planet. Clearly it is not. But we may consider reasonably that there is some knowledge
    which we must understand about our planet, it is reasonable to study them, this information may and on occasion will be of use, even of great use, and we can find it. Allah
    permits you to know and understand.

    A. Having reflected, I have recently looked at a priority system to condition my behaviour between the people I meet. 1 has higher priority than 2, which has higher priority
    than 3.
    1. The truth is the most important.
    2. The ethics of social relations is the second.
    3. My littleness, that is, my accommodation with others, is the third.
    This is a teaching, so I am presenting my will to you. I do not claim it represents the truth. My observation is that it seems to work. I change my ideas often. At the moment
    I am pleased that it seems to spread happiness to those around me. Before I sought to assert my power. Now, almost always, I seek to minimise it. I invite you, if you wish, to
    experiment to see if it works for you. In respect of 1 it would be interesting to have the Gnostic texts available to me. They are at present in the Vatican Library, I would infer.

    Jim Adams and Glyph mathematics.
    Graham Ennis.
    Joyce Preddie.
    Doly Garcia and Tim.

    B. I put it this way 'Getting it wrong is the first stage in getting it right'. There may be many such wrongs in us, like layers in peeling an onion. Each gives realisation of a
    new idea of truth, and in physics, the reality of it.

    C. I think there is sometimes too much interference in our condition. If God made us wrong, we must accept it. It is rather the realisation is that through imperfection, truth,
    or Allah or the Underlying Reality of Eternity must speak its true self.

    Gnostic texts 1
    Gnostic texts 2

    Pleiades Myths
    Other Pleiades Myths

    D. I frequently change my mind. This has happened here, and the files have been restored. The text which follows comprises my original argument. I had thought a task I might
    wish to perform would be to go to Hiroshima and Nakasaki and listen in tranquility and peace to the words of the generals who did this. The text itself contans a prequel. I
    occasionally write in a bombastic style which I later amend or reduce. There is no urgent need to do this for the prequel.

    Having written a work Prayer to Humanity as the first item in this section, I had cause to reflect. It is a depiction of the great evils which I see inherent in our history, and is
    in the form of a service with formulistic rituals and movements of observance, expressed in an evocative and poetic language. It expesses no more than that, neither in support
    nor in condemnation. I had thought it would be interpreted as a condemnation of the actions of our race, to be taken independently of all urging, and on reflection that it seems
    a true picture of ourselves, and the attitudes that have produced these horrible events.

    This work is withdrawn.

    I had become concerned that there is a religious group in our society which has been marginalised and persecuted. It is my intention to marginalise and persecute nobody, and
    allow always religious expression.

    Paganism, involving the worship as I understand of the devil, has long historical roots in our society. I am unfamiliar with its texts and I am unable to comment on them. I
    would have thought, inexpert as I am, that an opinion within paganism is that evil is a ruling principle in our world. I would expect that a strand of this belief is that we
    accommodate to it.

    Aware also that religions have many denominations, it might well be the case that an additional idea would be to promote evil.

    The latter idea I cannot accept.

    I then came to the conclusion that for the Prayer to Humanity, expressing as it did parts of the human psyche with which I am in revolt, and vivid depictions in history of its
    effects, that I was in fact presenting a service to a Satanic Church, and this might well be accepted as a complete description of the intentions of this strand of paganism, and
    in its poetic description of evil it might well be attractive to them.

    I cannot allow this to happen, because although I allow the description of evil and people who commit it, I state my intention and action is the opposite. My attitude to those
    who wish to do evil is to state that my wish is the reverse. My attitude to those who wish to do evil is that I cannot harm others including those who wish to do evil even to me.
    It is incompatible with this viewpoint that my work should be used as a medium to assist the idea that activity which is evil is one to promote. The work must be withdrawn.

    The age of Satan is yet to Arrive
    O Lucifer, read your books!

    Prayer to Humanity

    A realisation opens.

    When I find myself, and everything that is within me, and there is no boundary to myself between what I am and what I am not, then will my soul and my love extend to the
    universe and be at oneness with myself.

    Rejecting nothing, neither Satan nor all his works which is within me, and the horror of what I am, and these worlds of beauty in which I am a part all this will become apparent
    to me.

    I hear it again I know
    God is Psycho from a member of Staff.
    No wanderings of imaginary reason go beyond this
    I close my lips.

    There may be too many tears and too much happiness
    We continue in our journey to muted joy
    Rejected as sorrow in a learning from itself
    Of the Joy of Tomorrow and the Rising of the Sun.

    I am asked to proclaim

    the end of this ending, yet have we lost all tears?

    As an eye wakes up this instant
    From this deluded mind
    These deluded socks once waiting
    Implacably were it senseless
    New reckoning deluded
    In its deluded floor.

    Proclaiming socks no shoes have
    But bare a new deluded towel
    Deluded plain and green
    Lies on yet on again
    These bare deluded tiles.

    Beneath deluded windows
    Stretch out - deluded sky
    Proclaim God in His wisdom
    May descend to Earth this day.

    Deluded clouds far furthering
    Each deluded tear
    The breakage of all packaging
    The smashing of all souls.

    Proclaim deluded presents
    To God a Santa Claus
    Proclaiming insane happinesss
    About absent without a grief.

    Deluded sorrows having
    Beneath deluded all
    As Hell itself is beckoning
    Each hour deluded hour.

    We reckon with our reckoning
    The passing of all Time
    For now is Nothingness Deluded
    For each and Every One.

    The nothingness of sleep deranged
    In fright I seek its Peace.



    In the name of God, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy

    Say [Prophet] 'I seek refuge with the Lord of daybreak against the
    harm of what He has created, the harm of the night when darkness
    gathers, the harm of witches when they blow on knots, the harm
    of the envier when he envies'.